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October 26, 2013

Summarize the last 2 airshows in China!

 Well back home landed at home and its time to summarize the last 2 airshows in China. It have been very dramatic and not easy but a fantastic experience for me and the rest of the team. Also to be able to work with Jurgis Kairys ...

October 22, 2013

Pictures from the show!

Hopefully we got all things back in the container and it is ready to be shipped. Tomorrow we are leaving for Xi'an city and back home to Sweden the day after. Enjoy the pictures taken by Mantas Kairys.

October 20, 2013

Last day! Great display! and total sucess!

After months of preperation we finish the air show with great sucess! Really great to end the show with 5 ship aerobatic formation with 5 different aircrafts with pilots from 3 diffrent nations. It was a great time for all the teams. R...